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Insulated Packaging Solutions

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Whether you are shipping payloads or moving them via local transport, our insulated packaging solutions will protect your temperature sensitive material from unpredictable, harsh, and seasonal outside temperatures.

Our AeroSafe products are insulated with Aerocore VIPs (vacuum insulated panels), a patented insulation which enables smaller, lighter, and more innovative packaging.

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About AeroSafe Global

AeroSafe Global is a premier manufacturer and distributor of high-end insulated shipping boxes. If you are looking for a partner that can solve your toughest temperature control challenges, the AeroSafe team is equipped to respond.

With our ISTA certified laboratory and multi-chamber testing facility, we have complete control over the design and prequalification process to providing the best products and services available to protect temperature sensitive shipments.

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Supporting Details

NASA chooses AeroSafe Global's Insulated Solutions for Temperature-Sensitive Cargo

After evaluating insulated container options, NASA has chosen Aerocore VIP solutions from AeroSafe for their scientific missions.

Regarding the resupply missions to the International Space Station (ISS), NASA has stated the missions "carry the promise of discoveries that benefit Earth" (from NASA press release March 3, 2013). Beginning in January 2014, Aerocore VIPs were included on these missions to protect the precious scientific cargo that will contribute to these important discoveries.

The first of the cargo missions with Aerocore VIPs on board was the Orbital 1 launch in January 2014, followed by other successful Orbital and SpaceX launches since then. Missions will continue blasting Aerocore VIPs into space through 2016.

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