Insulated Packaging for Superior Temperature Protection

Eliminating the
threat of heat

High heat is the enemy when shipping temperature sensitive payloads, but with the industry’s best insulating products, we are experts at keeping the heat out. Even extremely hot conditions are no match for our products and design team.

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Phoenix, ArizonaAverage Annual temp: 39°CPayload Temperature: 2-8°C

Cold environments
are no problem

Whether your package is in Alaska or just the cargo hold of an airplane, your package will most likely be subjected to below zero temperatures. To protect your temperature sensitive payload, we always prequalify our products for cold ambient conditions - even extremely cold environments are no match for our design team.

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Barrow, AlaskaAverage Annual temp: -11°CPayload Temperature: 2-8 °C
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We are dedicated to providing the best products and services available to protect temperature sensitive shipments.

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Our Products

Solutions for any temperature range

Whether you are shipping payloads or moving them via local transport, our insulated packaging solutions will protect your temperature sensitive material from unpredictable, harsh, and seasonal outside temperatures.

Our AeroSafe products are insulated with Aerocore VIPs (vacuum insulated panels), a patented insulation which enables smaller, lighter, and more innovative packaging.

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Supporting Details

No other insulation protects your shipments like Aerocore.

Chart showing Aerocore VIP excelling at R-values

Our Thermal Packaging solutions are made possible by Aerocore VIPs – a proprietary technology with an R-50 per inch value, surpassing, anything else currently on the market, including expanded polystyrene (EPS), polyurethane, and other VIPs

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